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When She Thrives, YOU Thrive - WE Thrive!

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By yourself you can make a statement, with a tribe you can make a difference.

Welcome to The Thrive Tribe, our monthly giving club and community of change agents empowering single mothers to reach their highest potential.

Your monthly contribution to support When She Thrives pushes us closer to our vision of a world where all families thrive through access to health, wealth, and success.

As a Member of The Thrive Tribe, you'll receive exclusive benefits, experiences, and a thriving community. Member benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to events, like our annual Friendsgiving, Art of Thriving VIP Reception, and more.
  • The opportunity to be a voice in our community, sharing your advice and expertise in blog posts, social media posts, and our newsletters.
  • A sisterhood of women dedicated to supporting one another, bettering themselves, and uplifting single mothers and their families to prosperity.

When you donate, you make a serious impact in the lives of others. Did you know...
  • $25 a month ($300 per year) could cover the investment for a mom to become a published Author and Entrepreneur
  • $50 a month ($600 per year) could provide snacks and supplies for youth programming and childcare programs
  • $100 a month ($1200 per year) could help a family prevent or come out of homelessness and have a safe, affordable place to call home

No act of generosity is too small to make a difference.

All Thrive Tribe Members will receive:

  • Thrive Tribe welcome kit
  • Welcome gift
  • Thrive Tribe pin
  • Feature on social media
  • Newsletter member spotlight
  • Opportunity to write a blog post for When She Thrives
  • Opportunity to be a Guest on Scenes From a Single Mom Podcast

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